Joan Prince

c    a    r    i    b    b    e    a    n    p    r    i    n    c    e    s    s

About Me

Joan Prince or the “Caribbean Princess” as she is commonly called, was born on the island of Aruba and grew up on Dominica where her parents ran several businesses teaching Joan the good work ethic at a very early age. In 1993 the CARIBBEAN PRINCESS took Rockland County by storm! Joan gained widespread recognition through her personal marketing campaign on national television as the Caribbean Princess.

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Joan worked for 20 years in the legal field as a legal secretary, paralegal and Legal Administrative Director with a specialty in medical malpractice. The time came for a career change and Joan, with her hard work ethic and her love for helping others, decided to venture into real estate. She is a charismatic lady who has a natural camaraderie with everyone she meets. Joan's transparency, passion and ability to offer the highest quality of service to her clients and customers are the main elements why she has maintained being a Top Producer.

Joan Prince is a member of the National Association of REALTORS, New York State Association of REALTORS, Rockland and Orange County Board of REALTORS, and the Greater Hudson Valley Multiple Listing Service. She is an ASSOCIATE BROKER and has received numerous awards and recognition in her chosen field. These include, but not limited to:

  • Rookie of the year in 1993 in her New City office
  • Rookie of the year in 1993 in the entire region
  • Membership in the Multimillion Dollar Club
  • Membership in the Masters Club
  • Multimillion Dollar Award
  • Leading Edge Award
  • President's Circle Award
  • Chairman's Circle Award
  • Chairman's Circle Gold Award
  • Short Sales Specialist
  • Certified Foreclosure Specialist
  • Quality Service Certification

These are only some of the symbols of the dedication and experience Joan has brought to Rockland and Orange County real estate. Joan understands the business very well; that your time is your clients' time; that you have to be available, ready and willing to offer the highest quality service to a public that needs you; that you must listen carefully to their needs; and that you have to be Forever Ready and Energized like a good battery.

Joan has been a Rockland County resident for 22 years and her family is her pride and joy. Her husband and herself are now empty nesters, but her 3 sons, a doctor, patent law specialist and computer scientist are as close as the keyboard. She finds time to enjoy gardening, cooking and some traveling.


"Over the years I've been referred to as a 'burst of sunshine,' full of charisma, passionate about my job, never giving up, caring about the welfare of my clients and customers, always keeping in touch and most of all, a realtor for life!"


Working with sellers and buyers and being able to bring the two together is my pride and joy and I am truly blessed! Skype, email or call me for all your real estate needs."